Friday, May 9, 2008

Postcard 247...Trade Being Arranged!

(Click on this mysteriously vertical postcard for an enlargement!)

This postcard was created by stitching one of my felt leaves onto a machine embroidered piece of tan upholstery material.

The reverse is a piece of heavy weight watercolor paper, signed and dated in ink.

I'm thrilled to be trading with Ruth who is a member of Stitchin' Fingers and has a nice page here.


Anonymous said...

I would like to trade this postcard please - No 247. I don't know if I qualify. I am a member of stitchinfingers:

If I don't qualify, just let me know.

Ruth Palsson, 18 Exley St,
Kedron, 4031, Qld, Australia.

Anonymous said...

I have tried emailing you at the advertised address, but my email keeps bouncing.


Cyber Fyber said...

Hi Ruth!
I have no idea why your emails were bouncing back. It took time, but CYBER FYBER is now a registered member of "stitchin fingers" and I've now left a comment on your very nice page. Thanks so much for your patience and for trading with me!

Ruth Palsson said...

I know why my emails were bouncing. I read the error messages very carefully and my home email is from a very small email provider! Once I used my work email it went through. I am so glad to be part of this.


Anonymous said...

Hello Susan, Just to let you know that Postcard 247 has arrived in Australia. It is lovely. Mine for you has been started. Thanks again, Ruth